150 Day Sprout-finished

Health and flavour of grass with softness and marbling of grain

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How would a computer hacker and pharmacist
gone country raise beef?


Woodspring farm is a small family cattle farm in Inglewood, Queensland, a few hundred kilometres west of Brisbane. We believe in looking after the animals, the land, our family and yours. After seeing so many properties in the area reduced to dust and weeds, we began to look for another way of doing things. We reject common farming practices as we personally don't like having pesticide, hormone or other chemical residue in the food we eat, and we think you deserve better, too. Instead, we feed our cattle a diet based on sprouted barley, and rotate them through our paddocks to allow the land time to heal each year. We sell our meat directly to families who want a cattle farmer on their side making sure that they get the healthiest, tastiest and best produce for their families.

Our practices set us apart from other producers because we have a no compromise approach to quality production. Here's some of the things that we do and their outcomes, that other producers may not;

  • steers only - for the best taste
  • yearling only - for the best tenderness
  • 5 month sprout fed - less grain, healthier, happier, shiny, better fat (rendering, clarity and flavour)
  • free ranging - healthier animals can graze on choice of herbs and pasture
  • cruelty free
  • chemical and hormone free - we don't use poisons or chemical fertilisers on-farm and we are hormone free
  • 100% transparent - we invite our customers to our farm to see and be involved in our animal handling practices
  • 100% quality focussed - we don't care what anyone else does to save money or compete, our mission is to create the best beef in Australia.
  • repeatability - unlike most free-range farms which cannot produce every day and every season, we can! We use our sprouts to create consistency and quality in our animals that is second-to-none
  • limited production - due to unwavering quality, we can only produce so much. this year our target is to turn off no more than 5 steers a week - perfectly. so get your orders in when you can and join our customer list
  • end-to-end - we raise, finish and butcher our own animals on-farm to control quality at every possible level and ensure that you are getting the freshest meat possible at all times.

Why Sproutfed?

"You are what you eat eats" - Michael Pollan

We believe it's the best meat you can buy.

In 2012, we worked with Fodder Solutions, Glen Farm and Blask Engineering to build the infrastructure to feed our free range cattle a standardised, custom-designed supplemental feed ration without ripping up our paddocks or exposing us to fertilisers and pesticides. We harvest nearly two tonnes of barley grass every day to supplement the pasture our small herd of cattle eat.

Living sprouts are extremely high in nutrients. Chlorophyll, enzymes and essential amino acids are present in sprouts but not in grain. This increase in available nutrients leads to improved coat and hoof health, as well as greater weight gain, better temperament, and tastier meat.

Sproutfed animals have more omega-3s than grain-fed animals because omega-3s are formed in the green leaves (specifically the chloroplasts) of plants. People who have ample amounts of omega-3s in their diet are less likely to have high blood pressure or an irregular heartbeat. Remarkably, they are 50 percent less likely to have a serious heart attack. Omega-3s are essential for your brain as well. People with a diet rich in omega-3s are less likely to be afflicted with depression, schizophrenia, attention deficit disorder (hyperactivity), or Alzheimer's disease. Another benefit of omega-3s is that they may reduce your risk of some cancers.

When nursing cows are fed sprouts, their milk has an increase in milk fats which translates to higher weights for weaned calves. By feeding sprouts to our breeding herd, we are ensuring the best possible meat from birth.

Sprouts are scientifically proven to increase the digestibility of other feed. This is the "secret ingredient" that allows us to achieve similar weight gain results to an intensive grain feeding feedlot without compromising on animal health. In fact, from the thousands of cattle we have put through the 90-120 day program, we have never had one death (or even serious illness!). This is in comparison to confined grain feeding (feedlotting) where tick fever, foot rot, pulp kidney, respiratory disease, blight, bloat, acidosis and liver abscesses are all relatively common due to cramped and dirty living conditions.

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We deliver to South East Queensland and Northern NSW.
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Delivery Information
EST Price Per Kg
Total Per Order
Whole Beast

$15.55 to $17.50/kg at 160-180kg


Half Beast

$16.66 to $18.75 / kg at 80-90kg


Quarter Beast

$17.33 to $19.50 / kg at 40-45kg


400g+ eye fillet

3kg+ T-bone steak

1kg+ rib fillet

2kg+ rump steak

1kg+ round steak

2kg+ topside steak/roast

1.5kg+ blade roast

1kg+ oyster blade steak

1.5kg+ fresh brisket

8-10kg+ mince

5kg+ gluten and preservative free sausages

2.5kg+ diced steak

3kg+ natural corn silverside

1kg+ shin on bone

Eighth Beast

$19.55 to $22.00/kg* at 20kg to 22.5kg



Approx $30/kg
$270 + $20 delivery

2kg T-bone steak

1kg rib fillet steak

500g oyster blade steak

1kg rump steak

1kg round steak

2kg mince meat

1kg gluten and preservative free sausages

Family Starter Pack
Approx $20.00/kg
$200 + $20 delivery

500g T-bone

500g rump

1.5kg roast (blade or topside)

3kg mince meat

1.5kg gluten and preservative free sausages

1kg diced steak

1.5kg natural corn silverside


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